Voucher and Report Submission:

SALARY VOUCHERS: Effective March 28, 2016, all Work Orders will have a second page labelled "Contractor Invoice." This page is pre-populated with information from the Work Order for your assignment. Use this invoice instead of the Salary Voucher (form DS-3023, "Public Voucher for Language Services") to invoice for jobs with Work Orders signed on or after March 28. For assignments with Work Orders signed before March 28, you will continue to use form DS-3023 to request payment. Once you've signed and scanned your request for payment (in either format), complete an Invoice Cover Sheet in Excel and send both attachments to: AEXFMDInvoices@state.gov. Please include your name and job number in the subject line of the email.

New Salary Voucher Process Video:

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ECA REPORTS: ECA reports are due within 15 days of completing an assignment. Email a copy of the report to the ECA program officers, your assigning officers, and LS-ECAREPORTS@state.gov. Please include your name and job number in the subject line of the email.

TRAVEL VOUCHERS: After completing your travel, email the signed and scanned Travel Voucher (SF-1012) to lstravelvouchers@state.gov. Please include your name and travel order number in the subject line of the email.

-New Instructions for Invoices and Salary Vouchers
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-Updated LS Invoice Cover Sheet
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-Guidance for LS contractors on Educational and Cultural Exchanges (Greenbook)
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-Welcome Packet.docx
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-Admin Update (Interpreting)
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-Admin Update (Translation)
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-Security Clearance Information
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-Contractor Application Form ds7651
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-E2 Solutions Tips
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-E2 Solutions Reservation Guide
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-E2 Solutions Guide
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-Changes to Banking Information and SAM
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-SAM Tips
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-Emergency Notification Information Card
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-ACH Vendor Form
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-Travel Voucher Sample
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-Travel voucher
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-Sample of Completed DS-3023 Voucher for Language Services
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-Change Of Address
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-Form DS-3023 Public Voucher for Language Services
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