The IAP was established on October 25, 2001 under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) to serve the Director/Chief Operating Officer and staff of OBO in an advisory capacity with respect to industry and academia's latest concepts, methods, best practices, and ideas related to property management and oversight of the Department's real property assets at U.S. missions overseas.

The IAP met from 2001 - 2012 as a nine-member panel, comprised of nominated industry professionals from the private sector.

The IAP charter was amended in January 2013 to better respond to the Bureau needs and is now known as the Industry Advisory Group (IAG). The group consists of 35 professionals, who will advise the Bureau on areas of research and development, acquisition and sales, planning, program development, design, engineering, construction, historic preservation, sustainability, natural hazards, emergency operations, security, operations, and maintenance.

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