-12/16/13 The East Asia-Pacific Rebalance: Expanding U.S. Engagement
-11/15/13 The United States and Afghan Women: An Ongoing Commitment
-11/12/13 Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program: Targeting Global Criminal Networks
-09/05/13 The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Building on U.S. Economic and Strategic Partnerships in the Asia-Pacific
-08/09/13 The Disabilities Treaty: Opening the World to Americans with Disabilities
-07/05/13 Creative Solutions for Stabilizing Conflict
-06/28/13 Advancing the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons Worldwide: A State Department Priority
-06/24/13 The United States and the European Union: Building on Our Economic and Strategic Partnership
-06/24/13 World Refugee Day: Highlighting a Global Need and America's Response
-05/10/13 The President's Export Control Reform Initiative: Reinventing the System and Promoting National Security
-04/10/13 The State Department and USAID Budget
-03/20/13 The Greening Diplomacy Initiative Leading by Example
-02/12/13 Combating Postharvest Loss in the Fight Against Global Hunger
-01/25/13 Conflict Prevention and Crisis Response: Responding to Emerging Instability Overseas
-01/07/13 Commemorating 150 Years of A Primary Foreign Policy Source: The Foreign Relations of the United States Series
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