Bios for Senior Officials
--Countryman, Thomas M.
--Einhorn, Robert J.
-Guhin, Michael
--Jenkins, Bonnie D.
--Kang, C.S. Eliot
--Limage, Simon G.
-Mahley, Donald A. Ambassador (ret.)
--Van Diepen, Vann H.

-11/06/12 photo
-ISN Bureau Organizational Chart 10-12-2012
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-Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction (ISN/CATR)
-Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (ISN/CTR) 
-Office of Counterproliferation Initiatives (ISN/CPI)
-Office of Export Control Cooperation (ISN/ECC)
-Office of Missile Biological, and Chemical Nonproliferation (ISN/MBC)
-Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs (ISN/MNSA)
-Office of Non-proliferation and Disarmament Fund (ISN/NDF)
-Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety and Security (ISN/NESS)
-Office of Regional Affairs (ISN/RA)
-Office of Strategic Communications and Outreach (ISN/SCO)
-Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism (ISN/WMDT)
-Office of the Biological Policy Staff (ISN/BPS)
-Threat Reduction Programs (ISN/TR)

[This is a mobile copy of Biological Policy Staff (ISN/BPS)]