There are more than 405,000 visits to the Department’s 450 embassy and consulate websites daily as people seek information about U.S. policy and embassy activities. IIP provides the infrastructure to support this important information source for in-country populations. A complete list of embassy websites can be found at:

IIP’s CO.NX interactive webchat platform transcends global geographic and cultural boundaries. It links foreign audiences to U.S. subject matter experts, opinion-makers, community leaders, and government officials in more than 800 programs each year.

IIP also supports embassy social media efforts with theme-based Facebook pages and Twitter sites reaching more than 12 million fans in six languages.

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Date: 02/11/2013 Description: U.S. Speaker Bonnie Gurewitsch (onTV screen), noted curator of an exhibition on black-Jewish relations, discussed her work during a February 2013 DVC with a diverse group of Lithuanian historians, museum managers, and diplomatic mission representatives in Vilnius.  - State Dept Image Date: 03/11/2013 Description: The Information Resource Center in Lima, Peru and Information Resource Officer Elenita Tapawan coordinated a two-part, first-ever Spanish language webchat on archives management for more than 200 participants throughout the Western Hemisphere region.  - State Dept Image
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