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George C. Marshall Conference Center – U.S. Department of State
June 4, 2012

*All speakers are confirmed unless otherwise noted

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Registration and Breakfast (visitors should arrive at entrance at 21st St and Virginia Ave NW)


Welcome: Alexandra Bell, Department of State, Erin Harbaugh, Department of State.


Session One: The State Department and the Prague Agenda – A discussion with State Department leadership about the changing geostrategic environment and T Family Bureau priorities and goals.

Speakers: Rose Gottemoeller, Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security; Thomas Countryman, Assistant Secretary for International Security and Nonproliferation; Andrew Shapiro, Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs. Moderator: Michael Hammer, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.


Session Two: Applying Lessons Learned: Case Studies in Arms Control and Nonproliferation – A presentation of case studies of nonproliferation and arms control successes in Kazakhstan, Libya, and South Africa.

Speakers: Erlan Idrissov, Kazakh Ambassador to the United States (Kazakhstan); Ken Ward, Department of State (Libya); Jean DuPreez, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (South Africa). Moderator: Charles Mahaffey, Department of State.




Session Three: Learning the Lessons of the Past - Perspective from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author on the most important lessons that can be learned from the Cold War and how the story of the Prague Generation can be told.

Speaker: David E. Hoffman, Washington Post; Moderator: Jonathan Kaplan, Department of State.




Session Four: A Perspective from Prague – Views on the Prague Speech and on international security challenges.

Speaker: Daniel Kostoval, Director of the Security Policy Department, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Introduction by Margo Squire, Department of State.


Session Five: A Perspective from the HillReflections on the Prague Speech and the role of the Legislative Branch in advancing security policy.

Speaker: Anthony Wier, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Staff. Moderator: Loren Dealy, National Security Staff.




Session Six: Embracing 21st Century Statecraft – A discussion of how the leveraging new tools and partnerships can move the “Prague Agenda” forward.

Speakers: Graham Lampa, Department of State (The Role of Social Media); Rebecca Taylor, Department of State (Innovation and Entrepreneurship); Daniella Foster (Public Private Partnerships), Department of State; Moderator: Ian Klaus, Department of State.


Conclusion: Margo Squire, Department of State.

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