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Upcoming Events

-05/11/16 Investing in Haiti Series: Investment in Local Infrastructure
-04/21/16 Building Nicaragua: The Growing Construction Sector

Past Events

-04/06/16 Alternative Energy Opportunities and Tenders in Kuwait
-03/31/16 World Bank Procurement Reforms to Benefit American Companies
-03/30/16 China's Rising Middle Class: The Demand for Natural and Safe Food Products
-03/29/16 Opportunities in Ethiopian Agribusiness: A Priority Sector for Economic Growth
-03/23/16 Investing in Haiti: Small Business Development and Assistance
-02/11/16 Northern Ireland Investment Opportunities
-11/09/15 Stronger Cooperation With Business Partners in Quebec
-10/15/15 Automotive Component Manufacturing Opportunities in Botswana
-10/20/15 U.S. Secondary School Recruitment in East China
-09/16/15 Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Oman -- Oil and Gas and Beyond
-08/19/15 Doing Business in Bolivia
-06/18/15 East China: Attracting Chinese Tourism
-06/11/15 India's Aerospace and Defense Market
-06/02/15 Opportunities in Algeria's Expanding Renewable Energy Sector

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