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Remarks at North Atlantic Council Meeting NATO: Chicago and Beyond Upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago
Secretary Clinton (May 21): "In 1949, we were 12 nations; now we’re 28. The result is an alliance that has proven over and over it can meet the threats and overcome the challenges of our time." Full Text»
Assistant Secretary Gordon (May 10): "Our hosting of the Summit is a tangible symbol of the importance of NATO to the United States. It is also an opportunity to underscore to the American people the continued value of the Alliance to the security challenges we face today." Full Text»
Ambassador Daalder (May 8): "We believe that when we get to Chicago that the NATO countries themselves, all 28, will commit NATO to continue to operate and have a mission in Afghanistan after 2014." Full Text»

NATO Ministerial World Affairs Council 2012 NATO Conference NATO Summit in Chicago
Secretary Clinton (Apr. 18): "We believe we are building a stronger, more flexible, more dynamic alliance enriched by partners from every continent and prepared to meet the security challenges of our time." Full Text»
Secretary Clinton (Apr. 3): "Next month, we will take another step in this evolution when President Obama hosts the NATO Summit in Chicago." Full Text»

Assistant Secretary Gordon (Mar. 19): "President Obama will be very proud to host the next NATO summit in Chicago in May." Full Text» More»

NATO: A "Smart Defense" Investment Enduring American Commitment to Europe U.S. Iis Committed to European Missile Defense

Assistant Secretary Gordon (Mar. 19): "We continue to underscore how important it is for NATO allies to maintain adequate defense spending." Full Text» More»

Assistant Secretary Gordon (Mar. 19): "No, people shouldn't see a focus on the Asia-Pacific or the Middle East as a net loss for Europe, for a lot of reasons." Full Text» More»

Assistant Secretary Gordon (Mar. 19): "We've been very clear about the need to proceed with European missile defense..." Full Text» More»

Looking Forward to NATO Summit in Chicago NATO Strong for the 21st Century

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Secretary Clinton (Feb. 4): "As Secretary Panetta just made clear, our commitment to European defense is just as deep and durable as our diplomacy." Full Text»