-11/08/12 Energy Diplomacy in the 21st Century
-10/10/12 An International Ban on the Production of Fissile Material for Nuclear Weapons
-07/31/12 Development Diplomacy: Modernizing U.S. Diplomacy To Better Support Development
-06/07/12 U.S.-North Africa Partnership For Economic Opportunity: Locally Driven Partnerships That Build Prosperity
-05/30/12 The U.S. Global Health Initiative: Saving Lives and Promoting Security
-05/30/12 The U.S. Response to Global Maternal Mortality: Saving Mothers, Giving Life
-04/24/12 Modernizing Diplomacy: U.S. Foreign Policy in an Age of Connection Technologies
-03/08/12 Advancing The Rights Of Women And Girls: A Cornerstone Of U.S. Foreign Policy
-02/16/12 Economic Statecraft: U.S. Foreign Policy in an Age of Economic Power
-01/27/12 Domestic Finance for Development (DF4D): Helping Developing Countries Fund Their Own Development
-01/17/12 An International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities: Strengthening Long-Term Sustainability, Stability, Safety, and Security in Space
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