Offered to address the unique tax issues facing the Foreign Service community, this evening seminar is a must for any Foreign Service employee or spouse/partner. Current tax accountants specializing in international employment and living will explain the difference and implications of domicile versus residence, foreign-earned income exclusion, independent contractor versus employee and much more. Bring your questions!

Participant Feedback:

"It was very focused and there was not a lot of time wasted on irrelevant issues. Even issues that don't affect me now like spousal employment were good to know because they may affect me in the future."

"I greatly appreciate your effort to provide us with sessions on tax and other financial issues. I liked the PowerPoint info. Thank you for organizing this seminar."

"I learned what I wanted about domicile and state tax issues. I have the information I need know to go forward with a plan on this issue and know what more I need to learn."

Course Dates and Times
11 February 2015 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

This is a non-tuition workshop.

Virtual Resource Table

State Department Resources

Transition Center Resources

Overseas Briefing Center Resources

Family Liaison Office Resources

  • Global Employment Initiative (GEI) – The Global Employment Initiative (GEI) is a Family Liaison Office program designed to help Foreign Service family members through the exploration of employment opportunities and career options. GEI provides resources, contacts, and facilitates skills development. Home-based Business Guide – This FLO publication provides answers to many questions regarding starting and operating a home-based business.
  • Bilateral Work Agreements/de facto Work Arrangements – Foreign Service family members seeking employment on the local economy overseas, whether interested in international business, teaching at a local school, or freelancing, need to be aware of the work permit regulations in their host country.
  • Bilateral Work Agreements – Treaty texts of bilateral work agreements between the U.S. and specific countries.
  • Portable Employment Options

American Foreign Service Association

  • American Foreign Service Association Tax Guide – The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) is the professional association and labor union of the United States Foreign Service. Each year AFSA produces a comprehensive tax guide specifically geared for members of the Foreign Service, whether serving at home or abroad.
  • AFSA Article – American Foreign Service Association article on legal issues of Residence and Domicile.

Living and Working Overseas

International Employment

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Additional Resources

  • InterNations Expat Magazine – International Online Community for people who live and work abroad. Information includes but is not limited to: Preparing to Move Abroad, Financial Planning, and Family & Relationships.
  • ARAWG – Americans Resident Abroad Working Group, Addresses issues of concern for Americans working abroad
  • Americans Living and Traveling Abroad – resources on a variety of topics pertaining to living and working abroad
  • Working Overseas: The Complete Tax Guide 2014/2015 [Lee Hadnum, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014]
  • The Complete Us Expat Tax Book – Supplament: Synopsys of Foreign Countries Tax Codes [Mr Dan E. Gordon, MR Judd Hathaway, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013]
  • Working Abroad: The Complete Guide to Overseas Employment and Living in a New Country [Jonathan Reuvid, Kogan Page Ltd, 2009]

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