S/GWI programs aimed at promoting Food Security

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Women in Law Lesotho Project, Lesotho (Small Grants Initiative)
Responding to the crisis of food insecurity, this project intends to promote small-holder female farmers and women’s community groups’ property rights to land and land tenure reform initiatives in order to adapt, mitigate and enhance their participation in climate change problem solving. Through community trainings, workshops, and public gathers, the project aims to achieve the following objectives: 1) to undertake an advocacy program through supporting small holder female farmers through women’s leadership skills; 2) to train small female farmers on their property rights; 3) to sensitize them on land tenure reform initiatives; 4) to train them on mitigation and adaptation strategy to the current climate change situations; and 5) to enhance women’s participation in initiatives aimed at climate change problem solving.

South and Central Asia

Promoting Food Security for Ethnic Minority Women, Bangladesh (Small Grants Initiative)
The purpose of this project is to increase food security and develop adaptive capacity to the adverse climate situation of marginalized women farmers in Adivasi, Bangladesh. It provides skill development training on issues of crop diversification, drought tolerance, and aquaculture while also establishing community gardens and fishponds.

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