Date: 09/09/2011 Description: Soil agronomists record cotton plant data.   © USDA Photo by Scott Bauer.

The office coordinates State Department policy on trade in textiles, apparel, and cotton. In support of textile policy, we participate in talks on bilateral textile agreements. The office also act as the State Department’s representative to the Committee for the Implementation of Textiles Agreements (CITA), an interagency committee that conducts bilateral textiles negotiations, evaluates and determines whether to impose safeguards, implements free trade agreements relating to textiles, and administers textiles.

We work with the American cotton industry to promote exports of cotton products. Our office represents the interests of the American cotton-industry around the world to settle disputes, promotes sales, and negotiate with inter-governmental organizations. In 2011 American cotton farmers will export over $5 billion to foreign markets, supporting thousands of jobs in the United States.

Our offices is a member of the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements. We promote American textile sales abroad, enforce trade agreements, and settle trade disputes to the benefit of American workers.

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