-11/02/11 Background Briefing: Senior State Department Official on Afghan Meeting in Istanbul
-11/02/11 Remarks at Istanbul Conference for Afghanistan; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns
-10/31/11 Background Briefing: Secretary Clinton's Upcoming Trip To Istanbul
-10/31/11 Remarks at the 2011 Annual Conference on U.S.-Turkey Relations
-10/27/11 Republic of Turkey's National Day
-10/23/11 Earthquake in Turkey
-10/19/11 Deaths of Turkish Soldiers in PKK Attacks
-09/19/11 Secretary Clinton's Meetings with Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu and Kosovar President Jahjaga and Prime Minister Thaci; Senior Official of State, Office of the Spokesperson
-08/25/11 Intervention at Libya Contact Group Meeting; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns
-07/17/11 Background Briefing With Senior State Department Officials; Official Senior Department Official
-07/16/11 "Coffee Break with Hillary Clinton" Hosted by CNN-Turk and Moderated by Sirin Payzin
-07/16/11 Joint Press Availability With Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu
-07/16/11 Secretary Clinton Meets With the Staff and Families of Embassy Ankara and Consulate Istanbul
-07/15/11 Press Availability in Instanbul
-07/15/11 Remarks at the OIC High-Level Meeting on Combating Religious Intolerance
-07/15/11 Remarks on Libya and Syria
-07/14/11 Background Briefing En Route Istanbul, Turkey
-07/14/11 Deaths of Turkish Soldiers in Clashes with PKK
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