-09/15/11 Presidential Determination for Major Drug Producing and Transit Countries; Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland, Office of the Spokesperson
-07/01/11 Daily Press Briefing - July 1, 2011
-07/01/11 Venezuela's Independence Day
-06/15/11 U.S. Department of State and the National Basketball Association Announce NBA Rookie Greivis Vasquez, Former NBA Player Darvin Ham, and Former WNBA Player Kayte Christensen Travel to Venezuela
-06/09/11 Daily Press Briefing - June 9, 2011
-05/24/11 Briefing on the Latest Sanctions on Iran
-05/24/11 Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act (INKSNA); Office of the Spokesman
-05/24/11 Seven Companies Sanctioned Under the Amended Iran Sanctions Act; Office of the Spokesman
-05/23/11 Agreement Facilitating Honduras' Return to the OAS Also available in Spanish
[This is a mobile copy of 2011 Releases Pertaining to Venezuela]