April 8, 2010 - Treaty SignatureNLT 25 days after EIF: Exchange List of Inspectors and Aircrew MembersNLT 45 days after EIF: Exchange DatabasesNLT 60 days after EIF: Exhibit new Strategic Offensive Arms60 days after EIF: Right to Conduct Inspections BeginsNLT 120 days after EIF: Exhibit Heavy Bombers at Davis-Monthan AFBNLT 180 days after EIF: Initial Demo of Telemetry Equipment7 months after EIF: Exchange Updated Database (repeat every 6 months)NLT 1 year after EIF: Exhibit the B-1B Heavy BomberNLT 3 years after EIF: Exhibit Previously Converted Missile LaunchersNLT 7 years after EIF: Meet Treaty Central LimitsParties must meet central limits on deployed and non-deployed launchers and heavy bombers; and deployed delivery vehicles and heavy bombers; and deployed warheads10 years after EIF: Treaty Expires (unless extended for 5 years)May 2010: Exchanged Facility List and Site DiagramsProvisional ApplicationEntry Into Force (EIF) - Begin providing all notificationsNo later than 5 days after EIF: Exchange Inspection Airplane Information

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