Spring 2015 Open Season

The Qualification Evaluation Panels (QEPs) are still reviewing applications to determine qualification to the program. We anticipate they will complete the process and have final determinations soon. FLO hopes to provide qualification notification to applicants the week of July 10.

Please see the documents below for details on the program and application process.

Recently Advertised Positions

The Regional Bureaus have informed their posts which of the advertised positions can be filled and selections have been made. Some of these positions, if they remain unfilled and the bureau has authorized positions available to fill, could be advertised again after the current open season for qualification concludes (i.e. the QEP notifications have been sent). We expect any available positions to be advertised later in the summer.

General Information

EPAP is the newest Family Liaison Office (FLO) program (it was established in 2008 and moved to FLO oversight and management in 2012), EPAP provides U.S. citizen eligible family members serving overseas, 200 professional level Foreign Service full-time positions, in Economics, Management, Political, Public Diplomacy, Financial Management, General Services, Human Resources, Office Management or Medical (physician or nurse) areas. It also provides up to 50 positions in the Information Management area. The positions are funded centrally, primarily by the Department of State and some through ICASS. Each Regional Bureau is authorized a number of these positions, as determined by the Under Secretary for Management. The pay grades run from FP-07 to FP-04.

Potential candidates must apply for qualification to the program in one or more EPAP areas during one of the application open seasons held twice a year and must be qualified in the area advertised to be considered for a position.

Posts identify which positions they would like filled via EPAP and request positions through their respective Regional Bureau. Regional Bureaus create a list of available positions, which FLO advertises. The Regional Bureaus make all hiring decisions based on a range of factors.

FLO coordinates and provides oversight to the program; administers the application cycle; convenes the Qualification Evaluation Panels (QEP); advises candidates of the results of the QEP; and provides the Regional Bureaus with a list of qualified candidates.

For general questions regarding the program, please email FLOaskEPAP@state.gov.

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