1. Immediately report the loss/theft to the police

2. Obtain a police report number

3. Contact OFM or authorities by telephone immediately. If the theft or loss occurs during business or non-business hours, call local police, Secret Service (202) 634-2234 or DS Command Center (571) 345-3146 to file a report.

Both Plates Lost/Stolen

Log onto eGov and fill out Application for Replacement Plates (Form DS104).

Only one license plate is lost/stolen

1. Log onto eGov and fill out Application for Replacement Plates (Form DS104).

2. Return the license plate that was not lost/stolen

Only the decal is lost/stolen but not the plate itself

Submit to OFM an explanation on mission letterhead that includes the OFM Lost/Stolen Report number and the Foreign Mission seal.

WARNING: Do not operate the Motor Vehicle until a replacement license plate(s) and a registration decal have been issued and affixed to the Motor Vehicle. Motor Vehicles without license plates or with expired decals are subject to being stopped by police. Local authorities are not obligated to permit such Motor Vehicles to operate on local streets. In these cases the driver may be required either to park the Motor Vehicle nearby, if legally permissible, or to arrange at the driver's expense for the motor Vehicle to be towed to the Foreign Mission or to another place of safekeeping. Insurers also often contest coverage when the Motor Vehicle has not been re-registered.

Plates and Decals Property of U.S. Government

Note: License plates and registration decals issued through OFM are U.S. Government property, must not be removed from the United States, and must be returned to OFM when the purpose for which they were issued is no longer valid. Department of State license plates reported stolen by OFM to law enforcement community, and plates failing to display the required registration decal, may be confiscated.

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