1. Log onto eGov and fill out Application for Driver License/Non Driver ID (Form DS-1972)

2. Submit proof of the applicant's qualification to operate a motor vehicle as set for below in Specific Instructions.

Specific Instructions

Applicants with a valid license from another U.S. jurisdiction:

1. Submit a copy of the applicant's U.S. driver's license

2. Submit the results of a recent (not more than six months old) vision test. Prescriptions are not acceptable.

Note: If a vision test is the only requirement for licensing, the applicant may want to obtain certification from a recognized vision testing facility not associated with a local DMV, since some motor vehicle offices provide this service only in conjunction with testing.

Note: The applicant's U.S. driver's license must be surrendered to OFM in exchange for the Department of State driver's license.

Applicants with a valid foreign driver's license:

Submit a copy of the applicant's valid foreign driver's license; further instructions will be issued after the application has been reviewed by OFM.

Applicants without any driver's license:

Submit certification of the applicant's successful completion of all required tests (including driver education, if applicable) of the jurisdiction where s/he resides. Please consult the state's DMV website for specific requirements.

Those who do not Qualify for a Department Driver's License

If the applicant is not eligible for a Department of State driver's license, e.g., an employee whose status is "miscellaneous" or a dependent whose age precludes eligibility in accordance with guidelines established by the Department of State, OFM will return the application with a certification addressed to the appropriate licensing authority that the individual should be licensed by that local jurisdiction.

Locations for Testing

Several states have indicated that they wish to designate certain offices to provide service to members of the Foreign Mission Community. Many of these states have not yet provided the names and locations of these offices to OFM. As soon as this information becomes available, OFM will communicate it to the Foreign Missions via letter to the administrative officer. In the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, mission members may obtain service from the following offices:

Maryland – Gaithersburg, Glen Burnie and Largo

District of Columbia – Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services

Virginia – All Northern Virginia offices

New York – Herald Square, New York City

California – Fresno, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Ana, Santa Monica

Non-Driver Identification Card:

These cards can be issued to members of the Foreign Mission Community who do not possess a driver's license. The Non-Driver ID cards bear the photograph and signature of the applicant, unlike the tax exemption card that bears only the applicant's photograph. To obtain a non-driver ID:

1. Log onto eGov and fill out Application for Driver License/Non Driver ID (Form DS-1972)

Loss/Theft of a Driver's License

Report the loss or theft of the Department of State driver's license to OFM by letter or diplomatic note. The certification of loss must contain the applicant's name and DOB as they appeared on the license and a brief statement of the circumstances under which the license was lost (this should be on mission stationary, signed by an official other than applicant). OFM strongly recommends that this loss also be reported to local law enforcement authorities.