Date: 04/01/2013 Description: Thomas C. Adams, Haiti Special Coordinator - State Dept Image Thomas C. Adams was appointed Haiti Special Coordinator in September 2010. The Haiti Special Coordinator and his office oversee U.S. Government engagement with Haiti, including diplomatic relations and the implementation of a reconstruction strategy in partnership with the Government of Haiti. Promoting a stable and prosperous Haiti is a top U.S. policy objective. Following the 2010 earthquake, the United States committed $3.6 billion over five years to immediate humanitarian relief as well as longer-term reconstruction and development assistance. The plan, consistent with the Haitian Government’s Action Plan, seeks to catalyze sustainable economic growth and promote stable democratic institutions. Much of the U.S. assistance is provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The U.S Government strategy focuses on four key pillars: (a) Infrastructure and energy, (b) Food and economic security, (c) Health and other basic services, and (d) Governance and rule of law.

Mr. Adams will be stepping down as the Haiti Special Coordinator on August 7, 2015. His successor, Ambassador Kenneth Merten, will begin as Haiti Special Coordinator on August 17.

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