Released July 2, 2001.

The 17 files listed below constitute the on-line version of the full CBJ for FY 2002. If you need only the errata sheets for the previously distributed hard-copy version, click here.

-Introduction: Contents, Preface, Mission Statement, Budget Tables
[43 Kb]

-Export and Investment Assistance, and Bilateral Economic Assistance - USAID
[56 Kb]

-Bilateral Economic Assistance - Other and Independent Agency
[47 Kb]

-Bilateral Economic Assistance - State and Treasury
[126 Kb]

-Military Assistance and Multilateral Economic Assistance
[110 Kb]

[173 Kb]

-East Asia and the Pacific
[66 Kb]

[95 Kb]

-Near East
[57 Kb]

-New Independent States
[71 Kb]

-South Asia
[36 Kb]

-Western Hemisphere
[131 Kb]

-Global Programs
[61 Kb]

-Supporting Information
[126 Kb]

-All Spigots FY 2000
[24 Kb]

-All Spigots FY 2001
[26 Kb]

-All Spigots FY 2002
[25 Kb]