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Date: 03/28/2006 Description: Cabbage stage poppy plants in Helmand province, prior commencement of eradication efforts.  - State Dept Image Date: 03/04/2010 Description: An Afghan policeman sorts out narcotics seized in a raid in Herat, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, March 4, 2010.  © AP Image Date: 07/16/2009 Description: In this July 16, 2009 file photo, police officers from the district of Argu, swing away with long sticks to eradicate a patch of illegally grown poppies in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.  © AP Image

The Counternarcotics Working Group has identified the following areas of cooperation: Drug Treatment and Prevention, Supply Reduction and Financial Intelligence.

Working Group Chairpersons

U.S. Chairperson: U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy Acting Director Michael P. Botticelli

Russia Chairperson: Russian Federal Drug Enforcement Service Director Viktor Ivanov

Working Group Coordinators

U.S. Coordinator: Marilyn A. Quagliotti, Deputy Director, Supply Reduction, Office of National Drug Control Policy

Russia Coordinator: Oleg Vasilyev, Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Narcotics Traffic Control

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U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy

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