-12/23/10 Joint US-EU Statement on Post-Presidential Elections' Situation in Belarus; Office of the Spokesman
-11/20/10 EU-U.S. Summit Joint Statement
-11/20/10 Fact Sheet on the United States' Relationship with the European Union: An Enduring Partnership
-11/19/10 Joint Statement Following the U.S.- EU Energy Council Ministerial, Lisbon; Office of the Spokesman
-06/24/10 U.S.- EU Sign "Second Stage" Air Transport Agreement
-06/03/10 EU Council of Ministers' Adoption of U.S.-EU Joint Declaration on Counterterrorism Cooperation; Assistant Secretary Philip J. Crowley, Bureau of Public Affairs
-05/09/10 Europe Day
-03/25/10 U.S.- EU Reach Agreement in "Second Stage" Civil Aviation Talks; Office of the Spokesman
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