The initial review is an opportunity to collect a baseline of medical information about the individual going overseas. The medical clearance is designed to identify medical conditions or special educational needs that require on-going care. Adequate educational or medical resources may not be readily available overseas. Therefore the medical clearance process is individualized to determine the unique health needs of each person.

Initial Medical Clearance Form: DS-1843 (12 and older) DS-1622 (11 and younger). Complete the following forms to provide additional information regarding Asthma and / or Mental Health and / or Diabetes. If possible please scan medical documents into a PDF format and send to Medical Records as an e-mail attachment. This is the preferred method to send information to Medical Records. Send

If you are not able to scan, please FAX to Medical Records at: (703) 875-4850
Individuals age six and older may have their physical exam completed in the MED Exam Clinic.

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