• Please complete Form DS-3057 for each member of the family. Scan and place the attachment into an e-mail to Medical Records at MEDMR@state.gov. If you are unable to scan, please FAX to Medical Records (703) 875-4850 using a cover sheet. A physical examination is not required when using the Medical Clearance Up-date form.
  • For individuals that have a Post-specific (Class 2) medical clearance, please submit up-dated medical reports for each Class 2 condition to Medical Clearances for review.
  • If you later choose to complete a full physical exam at Post after submitting a Medical Clearance Up-date Form, do not send into Medical Clearances. Keep the exam in your medical record.
  • Only one document is needed. Submit the DS-3057, DS-1843, or the DS-1622, but not more than one.
    • If you want an examination and are currently overseas: Please contact your Foreign Service Medical Provider (RMO, FSHP) for guidance.
    • If you want an examination and are in DC: please contact the Examination Clinic for an appointment at (202) 663-1779 or (202) 663-1782.
  • Questions: Please send an e-mail to MEDClearances@state.gov or call (703) 875-5411
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