-06/26/13 Concluding observations on the second report of the U.S. submitted under article 8 of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the involvement of children in armed conflict, adopted by the Committee at its sixty-second session
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-12/06/12 List of issues concerning additional and updated information related to the consideration of the Second Periodic Report of the United States (November 2012)
-01/22/10 Second Periodic Report Concerning the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict
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-01/22/10 U.S. Response to Recommendations in Committee Concluding Observations of June 25, 2008
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-01/22/10 Annex 1: Data Report: 17 Year-Old Recruits (Accessions)
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-01/22/10 Annex 2: U.S. Asylum-Seekers from Conflict-Affected Countries
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-01/22/10 Annex 3: Unaccompanied Minors who were Principal Applicants for Refugee Status (Conflict-Affected Countries)
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-01/22/10 Annex 4: Department of Homeland Security Interviews of Unaccompanied Minors from Conflict-Affected Countries who were Principal Applicants for Refugee Status
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-01/22/10 Annex 5: Defensive Asylum Applications Filed by Juveniles from Conflict-Affected Countries in their Own Right
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-01/22/10 Annex 6: Military Recruiting and Recruiter Irregularities
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-01/22/10 Annex 7: Text of Recent Relevant Legislation (CSPA and CSAA)
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