State Magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in July and August, by the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. State Magazine is published to facilitate communication between management and employees at home and abroad and to acquaint employees with developments that may affect operations or personnel. The magazine is also available to persons interested in working for the Department of State and to the general public.

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-07/01/15 State Magazine July/August 2015
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-05/01/15 State Magazine May 2015
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-04/01/15 State Magazine April 2015
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-01/01/15 State Magazine January 2015
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-12/01/14 State Magazine December 2014
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-11/01/14 State Magazine November 2014
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-10/01/14 State Magazine October 2014
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-08/01/14 State Magazine July/August 2014
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-State Magazine June 2014
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-05/01/14 State Magazine May 2014
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-04/01/14 State Magazine April 2014
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-03/01/14 State Magazine March 2014
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-02/01/14 State Magazine February 2014
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-01/01/14 State Magazine January 2014
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-12/01/13 State Magazine December 2013
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-10/31/13 State Magazine November 2013
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-10/01/13 State Magazine October 2013
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-09/12/13 State Magazine September 2013
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