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03-08-11 International Women's Day
03-08-11 U.S. Special Representative to Muslim Communities Stresses the Importance of Engaging Muslim Youth in Future of Diplomacy Project Interview
02-28-11 Washington Foreign Press Center: Engagement With Muslim Communities Around the World
02-17-11 2011 Hours Against Hate
02-10-11 Recording Address for @America Webchat: Muslims in America


12-13-10 Special Representative Pandith Speaks on Connecting People at Harvard University's Kennedy School's Belfer Center
12-09-10 Interview With Radio New Zealand
11-18-10 U.S. PoliciesToward Muslim Communities Are About "Connecting People"
10-29-10 Interview: Shining City: Muslim Youth
10-28-10 NPR Interview
10-08-10 The Power of One - Special Pandith's Interview on NDTV
10-05-10 Islam and America: The Challenge of Expanding the Judeo-Christian Paradigm
09-30-10 NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards 2010
09-30-10 President Obama's Team India
09-08-10 Interview With CNN: How Muslims Vary Around the World
09-07-10 Al Hurra's coverage of the Secretary's Iftar and "Generation Change"
07-15-10 We Need an Alternative Narrative of Violent Extrremism
07-09-10 Conversations With America: A Discussion on U.S. Engagement With Muslim Communities Worldwide


12-28-09 Interview With Freedom Radio
10-25-09 Remarks at Interfaith Youth Core Conference
09-15-09 Remarks at Iftaar Dinner
09-15-09 Swearing-in Ceremony

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