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This two-day program is designed to meet the security awareness needs of U.S. Government personnel and families going overseas. Security experts offer guidance on a range of topics, including:

  • personal security
  • safety, health, and environmental hazards
  • explosives: identification and safety measures
  • fire safety
  • evacuation planning
  • crisis management
  • surveillance
  • foreign intelligence
  • hostage survival

Participant Feedback:

"I continued to be impressed every time I go to the Foreign Service Institute. Everything is well prepared, on-time, and thoughtfully presented. One of the other things that I find helpful is the "context" that each speaker gives. I often find myself attending presentations in which I ask myself 'why do I care?', and I did not once think that during this course. The 2 minutes each presenter spent introducing themselves and explaining the purpose of their presentation and why it was important to me is quite valuable. Bravo to you guys for making that happen with each presentation."

"Having been in federal law enforcement for 31 years as a special agent and now providing personal services for a department overseas, I thought these 2 days would be non-profitable. However, I was pleasantly surprised in that I found most of the presentations to be a good review and reinforcement of things I already knew and experienced throughout my career. Overall your team did a good job. Thanks."

"I found the content very useful. Both unusual things, like surveillance and explosives, and everyday situations, such as household fires and vehicular collisions, were covered. This is my first time to work overseas and it is a good reminder to not be complacent."

Who Should Attend?
Any State or non-State employee going overseas under the Chief of Mission for 30 consecutive days or longer are required to take this course. It is also highly recommended for adult Eligible Family Members (EFM) and Members of Household (MOH).

State Tuition Rate: No charge

Non-State Tuition Rate: $455

Non-State Tuition Family Rate: $475
When a non-State employee enrolls in one of the SOS courses, his/her adult family member(s) may take the course for an additional $20. Young Diplomats Overseas Preparation (MQ250) is offered free of charge during the summer for children in grades 2-12

Non-State employees/EFMs must fax an SF-182 (with fiscal data) through their Training Officer to the Office of the Registrar at FSI (fax# 703-302-7152) or email it as an attachment to

State Department Foreign Service employees can enroll online or through their CDO. EFMs can enroll through the employee's CDO.

State Civil Service employees enroll through their Bureau's Training Officer.

FSI Registrar must receive written notice of cancellation five workdays before the course begins. Email the Transition Center’s SOS team at or call 703-302-7418/7417 if you have any questions.

2013 Course Dates
August 5-6
August 12-13
August 26-27
September 9-10
September 23-24
October 7-8
October 21-22
November 4-5
November 18-19
December 2-3
December 16-17

2014 Course Dates
January 6-7
January 13-14
February 10-11
February 24-25
March 10-11
March 24-25
April 7-8
April 14-15
April 21-22
May 12-13
May 19-20
June 2-3
June 23-24
July 14-15
July 21-22
July 28-29
August 4-5
August 11-12
August 25-26
September 8-9
September 22-23

[This is a mobile copy of Security Overseas Seminar (MQ911)]