Opportunities for Public Comment

The United States – Morocco FTA provides that members of the public may submit comments on matters related to the environment chapter of the agreement. Interested persons wishing to submit comments should send an email with the comments to OES-EQT-MAIL@state.gov. Submissions will be considered by relevant U.S. Government officials; responses will be provided to comments within a reasonable time frame. Submissions and responses will be posted on this web page.

-10/28/14 U.S.-Morocco 2014-2017 Plan of Action for Environmental Cooperation
-10/28/14 Joint Communiqué of United States-Morocco Environmental Meetings
-02/09/10 2010-2012 Plan of Action: Pursuant to the United States - Morocco Joint Statement on Environmental Cooperation
-06/01/04 United States-Morocco Joint Statement on Environmental Cooperation
-11/01/06 2005-2007 Plan of Action
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-06/01/04 U.S.-Morocco FTA Environment Chapter
-07/01/04 Environmental Review of U.S.-Morocco FTA
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-Morocco Ministry of the Environment (French and Arabic)
-07/27/11 U.S.-Morocco Cooperation on Rangeland Management
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-08/24/11 U.S.-Morocco Cooperation on Sustainable Tourism
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-Strengthening Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making: EPA Toolkit use in Africa and the Middle East - launched Rabat, Morocco in January 2013
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