Opportunities for Public Comment

Interested persons wishing to submit comments on matters related to the environment provisions of the agreement should send an email with the comments to OES-EQT-MAIL@state.gov. Submissions will be considered by relevant U.S. Government officials; responses will be provided to comments within a reasonable time frame. Submissions and responses will be posted on this web page.

-09/08/14 Joint Communique of United States-Jordan Joint Forum on Environmental Technical Cooperation
-09/08/14 U.S.-Jordan 2014-2017 Work Program for Environmental Technical Cooperation
-05/03/12 United States - Jordan 2012-2013 Work Program on Environmental Cooperation
-03/03/09 U.S.-Jordan Joint Forum Communique
-03/01/09 2008-2011 Work Program
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-11/01/00 Environmental Review of U.S.-Jordan FTA
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-10/24/00 U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement (See Article 5: Environment)
-10/24/00 U.S.-Jordan Joint Statement on Environmental Technical Cooperation
-Jordan Ministry of the Environment
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