The Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) is the State Department’s foreign-facing public diplomacy communications bureau. It provides and supports the places, content, and infrastructure needed for sustained conversations with foreign audiences to build America’s reputation abroad. IIP is led by Coordinator Macon Phillips.

IIP supports both physical and virtual places, including over 700 American Spaces around the world, as well as a growing social media community that numbers over 12 million followers. Content includes publications, video, and U.S. expert speakers, who engage foreign audiences both in person and through virtual programs. IIP manages the infrastructure for all embassy and consulate websites, translations of public remarks by the President and Secretary, and internal websites serving field public diplomacy officers.

Date: 03/01/2013 Description: IIP creates and supports the ways and places for the U.S. to have sustained conversations with foreign audiences; provides the products that enable our posts to have those conversations, and manages the infrastructure to support it all. (IIP-created graphic) - State Dept Image