-04/22/16 Guatemala-Belize: Shootings in Disputed Area; Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson John Kirby, Bureau of Public Affairs

-09/21/15 Belize's National Day
-08/04/15 Seven Central American Attorneys General to Meet With Assistant Secretary of State Brownfield; Office of the Spokesperson

-01/16/14 Killing of Joseph Sanchez, an LGBT Teenager in Belize; Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki, Office of the Spokesperson

-09/20/13 Belize's Independence Day
-03/05/13 United States and Belize Work Jointly to Protect the Cultural Heritage of Belize; Office of the Spokesperson

-09/19/12 Belize Independence Day
-03/27/12 Under Secretary Maria Otero Travels to El Salvador and Belize; Office of the Spokesperson

-09/20/11 Belize Independence Day
-09/15/11 Presidential Determination for Major Drug Producing and Transit Countries; Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland, Office of the Spokesperson

-09/16/10 Belize's Independence Day
-08/20/10 Amended Letter of Agreement Signed with Belize; Office of the Spokesman

-09/20/09 Belize Independence Day
-02/10/09 The United States and Belize Implement the Merida Initiative; Office of the Spokesman
- Proliferation Security Initiative Ship Boarding Agreement with Belize

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