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International Schools Services Search Associates
Mr. Paul DeMinico, Vice President Adminstrative Services Dr. John Magagna
Ms. Laura Light, Director Educational Services P.O Box 636
International Schools Services Dallas , PA 18612
15 Roszel Road, P.O. Box 5910 Tel: (570) 696-4600
Princeton , NJ 08543 Fax: (570) 696-9500
Tel: (609) 452-0990 Email: admin@searchassociates.com
Fax: (609) 452-2690 Web: http://www.searchassociates.com/
E-mail: edustaffing@iss.edu
Web: www.iss.edu University of Northern Iowa Overseas Career Services
Overseas Placement Service for Educators
102 Gilchrist Hall
Council of International Schools Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0390
Schipholweg 113 Tel: (319) 273-2083
2316 XC Leiden, The Netherlands Fax: (319) 273-6998
Tel: +31 (0) 71 524 3300 E-mail: overseas.placement@uni.edu
E-mail: info@cois.org Web: www.uni.edu/placement/overseas
Web: www.cois.org/
Association of American Schools in South America
Queen's University Education Career Services Dr. Paul Poore, Executive Director
Faculty of Education AASSA Regional Development Center

Duncan McArthur Hall

1911 NW 150 Avenue, Suite 101
511 Union Street Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
Queen's University Tel: (954) 436-4034
Kingston ON Canada K7M 5R7 Fax: (954) 436-4092
E-mail: ed.careers@queensu.ca E-mail: enicolau@aassa.com
Web: http://educ.queensu.ca/careers Web: www.aassa.com

Educators Overseas

Tel: 1-866-885-6665
Fax: 1-813-915-6698

E-mail: info@educatorsoverseas.com
Web: www.educatorsoverseas.com