-02/12/14 Notice: The District of Columbia Declares Snow Emergency
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-07/06/13 Notice: Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash in San Francisco
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-04/18/13 Notice: Message to our Diplomatic Colleagues Regarding the Explosions at Boston Marathon
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-04/15/13 Notice: Explosions at Boston Marathon
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Natural Disasters
-06/03/13 Notice: Oklahoma Tornado on Friday, May 31st
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-05/22/13 Notice: Oklahoma Tornado Update
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-05/21/13 Notice: Information Regarding Oklahoma Tornado
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-10/26/12 Notice: Hurricane Sandy Increasing in Size and Intensity
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-08/23/11 Notice: Earthquake Strikes Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
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-03/11/11 Notice: Tsunami Emergency Information
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Pandemic Influenza
-04/28/09 Notice: Swine Influenza Information
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-11/28/06 Notice: Pandemic Influenza Section Added to OFM Website
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