-04/08/14 Notice: Arizona Tax Exemption
[1319 Kb]

-08/22/13 Notice: Hawaii Tax Exemption
[146 Kb]

-12/10/12 Notice: New Requirements for Requesting Tax-Relief Privileges
[31 Kb]

-04/09/12 Notice: Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement Exemption Certificate Update
[975 Kb]

-08/22/11 Notice: Eligibility for Mission Tax Exemption Cards
[252 Kb]

-01/30/04 Diplomatic Note 04-19: Requirement to Return or Surrender Sales Tax Exemption Cards
[500 Kb]

-01/30/04 Diplomatic Note 04-20: Issues Relating to the Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card Program
[390 Kb]

-10/16/03 Notice: Certificate of Exemption for Purchases Made in New York State
[37 Kb]

-02/14/03 Notice: Internet Purchases
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