-06/12/14 Notice: OFM Senior Staffing Update
[90 Kb]

-07/22/13 Notice: New Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Director of the Office of Foreign Missions
[21 Kb]

-05/31/13 Diplomatic Note 13-448: Diplomatic Parking at Washington DC Metropolitan Airports
[1059 Kb]

-03/12/12 Notice: New Director of OFM's Diplomatic Office of Property, Taxes, Services, and Benefits
[26 Kb]

-05/26/11 Diplomatic Note 11-93: New Department of State Driver's Licenses and Diplomatic Tax Exemption Cards
[24 Kb]

-12/04/08 Notice: IRS E-Mail Scheme Targets Foreign Mission Community
[346 Kb]

-09/25/13 Notice: E-Government System User Account Information
[42 Kb]

-01/15/08 Diplomatic Note 08-08: Deadline for Mandatory Use of the E-Gov Program for OFM Services
[44 Kb]

-06/23/04 Diplomatic Note 04-148: E-Government Update #1
[170 Kb]

-08/28/12 Diplomatic Note 12-265: Procedures for Foreign Armed Security Details
[38 Kb]

-06/11/14 Diplomatic Note: Application Requirements for A-1 and A-2 Visas
[197 Kb]

-06/11/14 Diplomatic Note: Application Requirements for G-4 Visas
[187 Kb]

-04/09/14 Diplomatic Note: Change in Passport Endorsement
[82 Kb]

-11/04/09 Diplomatic Note: Accreditation of Same-Sex Partners
[1584 Kb]

-07/28/05 Diplomatic Note 05-174: Notification of Head of a Consular Post
[62 Kb]

-12/08/03 Diplomatic Note: Notification Requirements
[176 Kb]

-08/06/03 Diplomatic Note: Notification of Honorary Consular Officers
[279 Kb]

-06/19/00 Diplomatic Note: Domestic Employees
[289 Kb]

-11/01/91 Diplomatic Note: Clarification of the "Permanently Resident In" Program
[139 Kb]

-04/10/91 Diplomatic Note: Persons Considered to be "Permanently Resident In" the U.S.
[46 Kb]

-04/29/09 Diplomatic Note 09-37: Change in Fee Collection Policy
[35 Kb]

-10/30/03 Diplomatic Note 03-301: New Procedures for Missions
[78 Kb]

-07/22/02 Diplomatic Note: Deliveries to the Department
[169 Kb]

-08/08/96 Diplomatic Note 96-172: Return of ID Cards, Tax Cards, Driver's Licenses and License Plates upon Termination
[141 Kb]

[This is a mobile copy of Administrative Procedures Notes & Notices]