Current Membership as of June 2012
Released by the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

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Title & Affiliation

Applebaum, Rhona Vice President, Chief Scientific and Regulatory Officer
The Coca Cola Company
Barnett, Judith President
The Barnett Group LLP
Beachy, Roger Director
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Cunningham, Nelson Managing Partner
McLarty Associates
Easterling, Barbara President
Alliance for Retired Americans
Fong, Serena Senior Director, Government Affairs
Jackson, Lorie Director, Women's Economic Opportunity Initiative
Lane, Laura Senior Vice President
International Government Affairs
Merlino, Nell Co-Founder, CEO & President
Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence
Miner, Kim Senior Vice President, Head of HR for Corporate Organizations and Lincoln Financial Distributors
Lincoln Financial Group
Nelson, Alyse President and CEO
Vital Voices Global Partnership
Novelli, Catherine Vice President, Government Relations
Odabas-Geldiay, Filiz Executive Director
International Association for Human Values
Robertson, Raymond Professor
Macalester College
Smith, Elise Fiber Co-founder and Founding Chair
Women Thrive Worldwide
Sotak, Sonia Eli Lilly and Company
Stern, Paula Chairwoman
The Stern Group
Volk, Jeffrey Partner
J2M Holdings LLC
Wince-Smith, Deborah President
Council on Competitiveness