-03/20/14 Joint Statement Following the Annual Bilateral Strategic Dialogue and Strategic Cooperation Consultative Group with Poland; Office of the Spokesperson
-02/07/14 The U.S. - Poland Information and Communication Technology Bilateral Meeting; Office of the Spokesperson

-12/09/13 State Department Senior Advisor for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies Dr. Tomicah Tillemann Travels to Warsaw, Poland; Office of the Spokesperson
-11/07/13 U.S.-Poland Joint Commission Dialogue on Science and Technology Cooperation; Office of the Spokesperson
-06/11/13 Senior Advisor Tillemann Travels to Hungary and Poland; Office of the Spokesperson
-05/28/13 Proliferation Security Initiative 10th Anniversary High-Level Political Meeting Outcomes; Office of the Spokesperson
-05/21/13 Special Envoy Hussain Travels to Holocaust Sites in Poland; Office of the Spokesperson
-04/26/13 Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller and Polish Deputy Foreign Minister begin Final Preparations for 10th Anniversary of the Proliferation Security Initiative; Office of the Spokesperson

-05/07/12 Briefing with Dr. Tomicah Tillemann and Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Jerzy Pomianowski; Office of the Spokesperson
-02/28/12 Government of Belarus Request That European Union Head of Delegation and Polish Ambassador Return to Capitals; Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner, Office of the Spokesperson
-09/15/11 Joint Statement on the U.S.-Poland Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement; Office of the Spokesperson
-07/06/11 Travel of Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon to Poland and Spain; Office of the Spokesperson
-03/03/11 United States-Poland Democracy Dialogue; Office of the Spokesman

-07/03/10 Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation Announcement; Office of the Spokesman
-07/03/10 Joint Statement of Secretary Clinton and Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski; Office of the Spokesman
-07/03/10 Protocol Amending the Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement Between the United States of America and the Republic of Poland; Office of the Spokesman
-04/29/10 Joint Statement on the U.S. and Poland Bilateral Strategic Dialogue; Office of the Spokesman
-04/07/10 Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the Katyn Massacre
-02/11/10 Poland: Death of Krzysztof Skubiszewski; Assistant Secretary Philip J. Crowley, Bureau of Public Affairs

-12/11/09 U.S. - Poland Supplemental Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA); Department Spokesman Ian Kelly
-10/03/09 Poland: Death of Marek Edelman; Department Spokesman Ian Kelly
-06/04/09 Twentieth Anniversary of Free Elections in Poland; Spokesman Ian Kelly, Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Spokesman

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