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Date: 08/10/2015 Description: New INL Beat Newsletter logo - State Dept Image

September/october 2015 Issue

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Meet the New INL

Date: 2015 Description: Meet the New INL - State Dept Image

In a new effort to make you aware of the breadth and overall goal of INL’s programs and activities, over the past few months we have updated our website, established “Security Through Justice” as our new motto, and planned initiatives such as a “What Is INL?” video by Assistant Secretary Brownfield.” Our goal is to continue to make changes to our website so you have the most up-to-date information on activities and initiatives that impact you. Please visit our updated website, share our one-page narrative, check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and keep reading the INL Beat for more stories about the work we’re doing at home and abroad that are making our nation a more safe and secure place for all! Learn More»

INL Aids Panama’s Transition to New Criminal Legal System

Date: 2015 Description: San Francisco Public Defender's Office representative Carmen Aguirre providing training to public defenders and others in the Panamanian Office of Judicial Investigations in Panama City and Chiriqui, Panama. - State Dept Image

In coordination with INL, Carmen Aguirre of the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office provided training to public defenders and others in the Panamanian Office of Judicial Investigations (Orgáno Judicial) in Panama City and Chiriqui, Panama from July 20-25, 2015. This is a critically important time for the Panamanian justice system, particularly because it is in the process of transitioning from an inquisitorial to an accusatory criminal justice system. Learn More»

INL Helps Response Coordination in East Asia Migration Crisis

Date: 07/2015 Description: Delegation of seven law enforcement officials from Burma's Ministry of Home Affairs Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (Anti-TIP) on a study tour to Manila Philippines. July 2015. - State Dept Image

Greater regional coordination is needed to address irregular migration and trafficking in Southeast Asia. INL is playing a role in response to the crisis. To address this crisis and the gap in regional coordination, INL’s East Asia Office and the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ITICAP) in Manila, developed a week-long study tour for seven law enforcement officials from Burma’s Ministry of Home Affairs Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (Anti-TIP). This tour took place in July in Manila. Learn More»

GROW: Thousands of Peruvian Women Gain Access to Drug Treatment Through INL

Date: 2015 Description: Mental health care professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians, nurses, and authorities from the Government of Peru's Ministry of Health, the anti-drug agency DEVIDA, the NGO CARE Peru, INL/Lima, and U.S. mentors. - State Dept Image

Although there are an estimated 400 residential drug treatment centers in Peru, most are in private homes adapted to serve as treatment centers. Of the three mental health hospitals in the country, only one specializes in public residential drug treatment services, which only houses men. INL Lima searched for effective ways to assist Peru's health authorities with this gap, and in response an evidence-based training program for health care providers was developed called Guiding the Recovery of Women (GROW). Learn More»

Saving Tigers in the Sundarbans: Developing a Coordinated Wildlife Protection Strategy in Bangladesh

Date: 2015 Description: Bengal Tiger - State Dept Image

INL provided support for a new joint International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) and Overseas Prosecutorial Development Assistance and Training (OPDAT) initiative to facilitate collaboration for those in the criminal justice sector responsible for protecting wildlife and natural resources in the Sundarbans, an area in southwestern Bangladesh home to the rare Bengal Tiger and the world’s largest mangrove forest. There, subject matter experts demonstrated best practices on addressing and preventing wildlife crime in Bangladesh. Learn More»

INL’s Community Policing Program in Tajikistan—Going Strong Since 2010

Date: 08/2015 Description: Tajikistan's Delegation Chair receiving a Sheriff's hat from the Maryland's Charles County Sheriff's Office. - State Dept Image

Community policing is one of INL’s most successful programs in Tajikistan, dating back to 2010, when INL introduced the concept as part of an overall police reform project. With this in mind, in August 2015, INL sponsored a five-day study tour in the United States for seven senior Tajikistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA) officials and a representative of the Community Development Assistance (CDA), MIA’s civil society partner. This tour exposed Tajikistan’s policymakers to U.S. strategies and tactics, which they can use to improve their own law enforcement practices. Learn More»

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