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Date: 08/10/2015 Description: New INL Beat Newsletter logo - State Dept Image

april 2016 Issue

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The Way Ahead on International Drug Policy

With the first high-level international gathering on drug policy in 18 years quickly approaching, the Commission on Narcotic Drugs held its 59th session March 14-22 in Vienna, Austria. At the close of the session, the U.S. delegation walked away with strategic victories on key issues in the global fight against illegal narcotics trafficking. Country representatives came together to approve seven new resolutions. Learn more»

Drug Addiction in Peru: Helping Moms While Helping Kids

Having a parent addicted to drugs is tough on families and children, and that’s why a family-centered approach is key to the long-term success of rehabilitation programs involving them both in the United States and abroad. In Peru, INL actively builds partnerships with local governments, health care authorities, private institutions, and civil society by supporting programs that increase their capacity to administer drug treatment plans, and this helps makes recovery for drug addicted individuals possible. Learn more»

Ambassador Dogu Visits INL Projects on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast

U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua Laura Dogu received a warm welcome on her first visit to Bluefields, the capital of Nicaragua’s South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region on January 11-12. Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast is remote from population centers, has limited infrastructure, resources, and employment, and those factors provide an environment that encourages violence and crimes, such as drug trafficking and trafficking in persons (TIP) Learn more»

Innovative Sentencing Options for Low-Level Drug Offenders

Due to a number of factors, including prison overcrowding and high recidivism rates, many countries are moving from a strict incarceration policy for drug offenders to more rehabilitative treatment-orientated criminal justice processes. The United States, for example, has developed specialized drug courts as an alternative to incarceration for some non-violent drug offenders. These issues were topics of discussion at two INL-hosted training sessions in Bangkok, Thailand which took place on March 8-11, 2016 Learn more»

INL Helps Tunisia Reform Justice Sector

INL began criminal justice programming in Tunisia in September 2011, just months after the end of the “Jasmine Revolution,” and since then our engagement has increased significantly. This has included training and equipping Tunisian law enforcement officials and expanding capacity-building efforts throughout Tunisia’s criminal justice sector.. Learn more»

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