-07/09/13 On the Occasion of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas' National Day

-07/06/12 The Bahamas Independence Day
-06/14/12 Empowering Women and Girls through Sports: U.S. Department of State Announces International Exchange for Female Track and Field Athletes; Office of the Spokesperson
-05/08/12 The Bahamas Election; Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner, Office of the Spokesperson
-04/02/12 U.S. Department of State Honors Christine Campbell of The Bahamas as State Alumni Member of the Month; Office of the Spokesperson

-07/08/11 Commonwealth of The Bahamas Independence Day

-07/08/10 Commonwealth of The Bahamas Independence Day

-09/15/09 Presidential Determination for Major Drug-Transit and Major Illicit Drug-Producing Countries; Department Spokesman Ian Kelly
-07/10/09 Bahamas Independence Day

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