An important component of economic statecraft, investment climate statements provide U.S. firms with country-specific information and assessments prepared by our posts abroad on investment laws, measures, and other factors that may be useful to them in making business decisions. The Investment Climate Statements help identify the barriers and market distortions that too often deter U.S. investment, provide U.S. investors with the information they need to better assess business risks, and serve as a basis for engaging foreign governments on modernizing investment regimes. Prepared by Economic Officers at State Department posts overseas, these statements are also included as Chapter 7 in the Country Commercial Guides, a series to be found by country at the U.S. Department of Commerce's website: Click here to view the Media Note for 2013 Investment Climate Statements.

If you have any inquiries on the Investment Climate Statements, please contact Office of Investment Affairs (Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs) at the Department of State. Your primary contact would be Kimberly Butler:, (202) 736-4907; and alternate contact: Mahvash Siddiqui:, (202) 647-8988.

[This is a mobile copy of Investment Climate Statements]