The U.S. Nuclear Smuggling Outreach Initiative (NSOI), coordinated by the Department of State, builds partnerships with key countries around the world to combat the global threat of nuclear smuggling, in order to address the problem in a comprehensive and coordinated way. NSOI works with bilateral partners in regions most affected by the threat to develop government-to-government joint action plans specifying priority steps to improve capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to incidents of nuclear smuggling. Each of these plans includes both ongoing efforts that should be completed and new efforts that should be undertaken, and it thus serves to place all relevant cooperative activities with the partner government into a single, coherent framework. The NSOI team also develops with each partner government, as needed, a list of new cooperative projects to assist implementation of its joint action plan. To support these projects, NSOI also establishes donor partnerships with countries that have resources or expertise that can be provided to improve the capabilities of other countries. The NSOI team reviews with donor partners the lists of cooperative projects to identify those that best reflect their interests and assets for such cooperation. Once a donor partner identifies a cooperative project it wants to support, the NSOI team works with the partner to facilitate its contribution and to coordinate it with relevant, ongoing activities, to ensure that the full set of efforts is conducted in a coherent manner.

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