ISN/ECC has a mandate from the White House to coordinate U.S. Government assistance in the area of export and related border control assistance, and does this primarily through its chairing of the Interagency Working Group on Nonproliferation Export and Border Control Assistance (IWG). Through this mechanism, ISN/ECC coordinates the efforts of other U.S. Government agencies that have independent programs to work in the nonproliferation strategic trade control/border security area in order to ensure an integrated U.S. Government effort.

The Department of Defense’s International Counter-Proliferation Program (ICP) and Proliferation Prevention Program (PPP) and the Department of Energy’s Second Line of Defense Program (SLD) and International Nonproliferation Export Control Program (INECP) provide related assistance and, within State, the Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT) and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) provide border security assistance that can overlap with EXBS efforts.

ECC has taken steps to strengthen interagency coordination by developing an interagency donor strategy that was drafted with input from U.G. Government agencies represented in the IWG.

Several U.S. Government programs, the private sector, academic community, and international organizations participate in implementation of EXBS outreach. For instance, EXBS collaborates with the DOE/INECP in delivery of commodity identification training to partner countries’ border enforcement officials. Further, licensing and enforcement experts from the Department of Commerce, Justice, and Homeland Security contribute their expertise to EXBS activities.

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