In order to accomplish its core objective of non-proliferation, the Office of Export Control Cooperation (ECC) oversees the ongoing deployment and ongoing enhancements to an automated export licensing system called Tracker. Licensing bodies can use the Tracker software to electronically review export license applications for dual-use and other controlled items submitted by firms. Tracker allows licensing officials to coordinate internal government analysis with associated control ministries, regimes, and regional organizations. In line with internationally-accepted best practices for licensing, Tracker provides greater transparency, ensures interagency coordination during the review process, and allows countries to advance from a highly-corruptible paper-based process to a more efficient electronic system.

ECC, under the Tracker Program, will help fund the development, training, and equipment procurement necessary for a country to have a fully operational Tracker system.

Tracker is currently implemented in over twenty countries worldwide. The EXBS Program is working to not only expand Tracker to other countries, but also to expand its use within countries to ports of entry. For more information on the Tracker Program please contact Blake Pritchett, Tracker Program Manager, at 202-647-0517 or by e-mail at or use the links below.

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