The Foreign Consequence Management (FCM) Program provides a critical role in the preparedness and response to chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) incidents overseas. The FCM Program is responsible for developing the policy framework that integrates FCM activities of the U.S. Government into a strategic architecture for planning and response. FCM coordinates and conducts U.S. efforts to assist partner nations in their preparation to respond to incidents involving CBRN contaminants. In the event of an overwhelming CBRN incident overseas, the FCM Program coordinates the U.S. interagency response to partner nations’ requests for assistance. In this capacity, the FCM Program maintains the following portfolios:

U.S. FCM Working Group

The FCM Program chairs the interagency FCM Working Group, which reviews, coordinates, and monitors U.S. Government FCM preparedness and response activities. The working group clarifies FCM policy, identifies partner nation engagement opportunities, and coordinates FCM response exercises.

U.S. FCM Engagement

The FCM Program coordinates U.S. Government activities that enhance partner nations’ capabilities to respond to CBRN incidents. In coordination with the FCM Working Group, the FCM Program leads the development of U.S. FCM goals and objectives for specific countries and regions, and produces country-specific and regional FCM engagement plans. The FCM program then works with foreign partners in designing, exercising, and implementing their consequence management capabilities.

FCM Response

In accordance with NSPD-17, FCM coordinates the U.S. Government response to a partner nation overwhelmed by a CBRN incident. The FCM Program holds the position of the WMD Coordinator on the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST). The FCM Program plans, trains, and exercises the U.S. interagency response mechanism, to include deployment, FCM Coordination Group operations, and policy review. To support the response mission, the FCM Program developed the U.S. Government FCM Response Framework and regularly exercises this response architecture with the interagency. The FCM Response Framework outlines the process for executing a whole-of-government, coordinated response to foreign CBRN incidents.

U.S. Nuclear Command and Control, Safety and Security

The FCM Program coordinates Department of State equities for NSPD-28. To support these efforts, the FCM Program has outlined critical response activities to successfully respond to U.S. nuclear accidents overseas. Furthermore, the FCM Program sponsors U.S. Embassy training and exercises to ensure they are prepared to coordinate the U.S. response to accidents.

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