The Secretary's Hometown Diplomats Program is designed to explain to America what we do and why it matters. When employees travel back to their hometowns while on leave or are in the area on official business, they volunteer their time to talk to local organizations, their elementary and high schools, and their college alma maters. They also meet with state and local elected officials and participate in media interviews. The Hometown Diplomat Program helps the U.S. Department of State establish and maintain important relationships with individuals and local communities.

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Date: 09/25/2014 Description: United States Regional Map - State Dept ImageVermont Texas Kansas Alaska Hawaii Nevada Utah Florida Illinois Maine Missouri New Jersey Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Virginia Wisconsin Idaho Oregon Washington Montana New York Wyoming Arizona New Mexico Colorado North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Iowa Minnesota Michigan Indiana Ohio Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia California Tennessee Kentucky West Virginia North Carolina Massachusetts District of Columbia Delaware Maryland Connecticut New Hampshire Regional Programs Division code chart