The United States' continuing goal is to help Kosovo become a stable, democratic, and economically viable country within Europe. U.S. Government assistance programs are designed to help achieve this goal by working in key areas of governing justly and democratically, economic growth, peace and security and investing in people. Since 1999, the United States has contributed over $1 billion to Kosovo's development. During an international Donors' Conference on July 11, 2008 the United States renewed its commitment to support Kosovo with a pledge of over $400 million. A significant amount of the U.S. pledge will go towards helping relieve debt Kosovo may inherit. Continued assistance will be integral to Kosovo’s progress as a peaceful, democratic and economically viable state that offers equal opportunity and protections to all its citizens.

-06/01/13 Foreign Operations Assistance: Kosovo
-04/01/12 Foreign Operations Assistance: Kosovo
-04/01/11 Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance: Kosovo
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