The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs' International Finance and Development unit (EB/IFD), led by Deputy Assistant Secretary Lisa J. Kubiske, promotes U.S. economic development through global economic stability.

  • Development Finance -- Negotiating multilateral assistance projects that foster sustainable development and market reforms, are consistent with protection of human rights and the environment, and support U.S. jobs by creating export and development opportunities for U.S. companies.
  • Investment Affairs -- Developing a satisfactory climate for U.S. investment overseas through bilateral and multilateral investment agreements that encourage foreign countries to adopt market-oriented policies that treat private investment fairly; by support of multilateral efforts to eliminate bribery and corruption and to encourage responsible behavior by multinational enterprises; and with assistance to U.S. investors involved in investment disputes with foreign governments.
  • Monetary Affairs -- Fostering global economic stability and growth by promoting sound macroeconomic policies through our broader foreign policy and in our relations with other countries; supporting international financial institution efforts to promote market-oriented economic reforms and a sounder global financial system; and negotiating debt rescheduling and, where appropriate, debt relief agreements.

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