Employee Consultation Services
For employees and family members of the American Foreign Service, the Employee Consultation Service offers free, confidential counseling with professional clinical social workers. Counselors are available to clearly define problems and consider options to solve and better cope with them. Typical problems that ECS can help with are: job stress; marital and relationship problems; parent and child problems; single parent and blended family concerns; school adjustment problems; elderly parent concerns; separation, loss and grief; acute and chronic medical illness; depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems; financial concerns; life transitions; new career/retirement issues; and pre-post departure and reentry concerns.

Main Office
Columbia Plaza, Room H246
Washington, DC 20520-2256
Tel: 202-663-1815
Fax: 202-663-1456
Email: MEDECS@state.gov

The Family Liaison Office (FLO)
Foreign Service employees and family members can contact the Family Liaison Office (FLO) for help with family member employment, education and youth issues, support services information (divorce, adoption, personal crises), support for an unaccompanied tour, and support in an evacuation from post.

Department of State
Room 1239
Washington, DC 20520-7512
Tel: 202-647-1076, 1-800-440-0397
Fax: 202-647-1670
Email: flo@state.gov

Deployment Stress Management Program
The Deployment Stress Management Program (DSMP) can provide information, education, referrals, initial assessment and brief treatment for problems related to the stress of deployment to high threat areas, unaccompanied tours, overseas crises and other stressful situations encountered by Foreign Service Officers, family members and State Department employees overseas. The DSMP works in cooperation with the Foreign Service Institute Transition Center, the Family Liaison Office, the Employee Consultation Service and other Federal Agencies to provide support for DOS employees and their families before, during, and after deployment.

Deployment Stress Management Program
Office of Medical Services
1800 North Kent Street
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: 703-875-4828
Fax: 703-875-4952
Email: MEDDSMP@state.gov

Information provided by the Family Liaison Office
Contact the Family Liaison Office

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