-Appendix N 100 Traditional Services Performed for DHS by Consular Officers
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-Appendix N 200 - Visa Petitions
[112 Kb]

-Appendix N 300 - DHS-Issued Documents
[138 Kb]

-Appendix N 400 - UNAVAILABLE
[36 Kb]

-Appendix N, 500 Unassigned
[59 Kb]

-Appendix N, 600 INA 212(d)(5)(A) Parole Authority
[49 Kb]

-Appendix N Exhibit II - Regional, Field, and Overseas Offices of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
[215 Kb]

-Appendix N Exhibit III - Regulatory Fees Collected by USCIS
[51 Kb]

-Appendix N Exhibit V - Boarding Authorization to Transportation Lines in Parole Cases under INA 212(d)(5)
[67 Kb]

-Appendix N, Exhibit VI A
[52 Kb]

-Appendix N, Exhibit VI B
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-Appendix N, Exhibit VII
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-Appendix N Exhibit IX - Port-of-Entry Codes used by the Department of Homeland Security, United States Customs and Border Protection
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-Appendix N Exhibit X
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